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A Ghost in Cornwall

This land is my memories. For two thousand years this valley has been mine alone.

Are You Using Both Sides of the GoogleCoin?

By now most of you realise that Google can give our websites the ability to appear within their results pages using a Pay Per Click model (PPC). This is called Google Adwords Hopefully, you will also be aware that that Google offerswebsite owners the ability to display these PPC results ontheir own websites.
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Chris Carpenters Google Cash - An Ebook Review

It is rare to find a brand new blueprint for making cash on the internet. The continuous churning of rehashed and ripped off regurgitated pablum has plagued the internet guru market for the last few years.

Review: Profit From The Author Inside You

I've reviewed a number of eBooks recently, and none of themexcited me, but this one definitely did. If you've ever hadthe slightest desire to write a 'How To' book, I urge youto read 'Profit From The Author Inside You'.

Review: How To Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as little as 7 Days

How To Write and Publish Your Own eBook in as little as 7Days by Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale exe format, 208 pagesI was intrigued by the title of this book - writing aneBook in 7 days? But that's exactly what Jim Edwards andJoe Vitale show you how to do.However, your eBook doesn't have to be 100 pages.

Review: eBook Secrets Exposed

If you want to make a lot of money with your own eBookand you only read one book on the subject in the next12 months, I strongly recommend that it's 'eBookSecrets Exposed' by Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel.The authors are both well qualified in this area.

The Storyteller, Volume I - A Must Read Book

The Storyteller New Book Offers Supernatural Tales Involving Everyday PeopleMartha Whittington invites readers to take a break from the doldrums of daily routine and delve into a world where ordinary lives are blindsided by the bizarre. The Storyteller: Volume I (now available through AuthorHouse) provides a feast of paranormal delights that satisfy the imagination.

Do You Know How to Buy and Read eBooks!

Now, I know what you're probably thinking, "Reading and eBook is just like reading an ordinary book." I disagree.

Book Review: The NEW Game Of Business

If you think you've seen and heard everything there is to say, The NEW Game of Business brings new distinctions and a fresh perspective to the world of business.This slim, easy-to-read soft cover book is so good that it should be required reading in business schools around the world.

Book Review - Manners That Sell: Adding The Polish That Builds Profits

This beautifully laid out trade paperback has a gorgeous and practical design both inside and out. I recommend you read this book with a highlighter and a pen and be ready to take copious notes in the blank pages thoughtfully provided between chapters.

Book Review: If You Are Over Fifty, You Are Entitled To Some Very Interesting Discounts On Travel:

Title: Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can't Get Unless You're Over 50 (2005-2006 Author: Joan Rattner Heilman ISBN: 0071438297 Publishers: McGraw-Hill:The following review was contributed by: NORM GOLDMAN: Editor of Bookpleasures.REVIEWNo age group represents such an enormous market of potential consumers than those over the age of fifty.

Critical Condition: How Health Care In America Became Big Business-And Bad Medicine:

Title: Critical Condition: How Health Care In America Became Big Business-And Bad Medicine:Authors: Donald L. Barlett and James B.

IZEE Growing Up In A Logging Camp: Introduction

IntroductionRusty Miles never had a real identity. I was that "Little Miles" kid, youngest of "The three Rs," Rita, Robert, and Russell.

Book Summary: The E-Myth Revisited

Ever wonder why most small businesses-- no matter how huge effort they put in their endeavor--still fail? Micheal Gerber reveals the answers in this book. Accordingly, the future of small businesses revolve in only three philosophies: the e-myth (entrepreneurial myth), the turn-key revolution, and the business development process.

Book Summary: What Is The Emperor Wearing?

This article is based on the following book:What Is The Emperor Wearing? Truth-Telling In Business Relationships Butterworth-Heinneman ISBN 0-7506-9872-1 217 pagesThis book is inspired by the popular tale "The Emperor's New Clothes". It provides stories of ordinary individuals in the workplace who are in the predicament of confronting the unlikely benefits of "deception" and steering away from the risks and dangers of "truth-telling".

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I just binge-read eight books by Donald Trump. Here's what I learned.
Washington Post
Sitting down with the collected works of Donald J. Trump is unlike any literary experience I've ever had or could ever imagine. I spent this past week reading eight of his books — three memoirs, three business-advice titles and his two political books ...

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Clog book club: Books about Books
Daily Californian
“Write what you know,” the cliche goes, and novelists certainly know books. They read them, they write them, and they write about them. This week's theme is Books about Books — rescued books, secret books, book clubs, books with a past and books that ...

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Juan Gabriel Vásquez: By the Book
New York Times
Right now I have about 20 feet of books waiting their turn on my bookshelf. Six or seven of those will make it to my reading table — not my night stand, because I don't usually read at night when I'm home. At this moment, the shortlisted books are ...

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Here Are the Best Books of 2015 So Far
To help you sort through the year's offerings or choose which titles to add to your summer reading list, TIME has ranked the best books of 2015 (so far). The picks span genre and form — including a darkly enchanting collection of short stories, a ...

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Some children's books aren't necessarily for children
Boston Globe
Also because Dr. Seuss has a new book out — despite being inconveniently dead for the last 24 years — and he's just about the only children's author about whom no one has ever said an unkind word. I doubt they ever will. Even if “What Pet Should I ...
One book, two books, old books, new bookUniversity of British Columbia
In Dr Seuss' children's books, a commitment to social justice that remains

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PW Asks: Most Millennials Prefer Paper Books
Publishers Weekly
To celebrate the publication of our feature on the emerging market of Millennial readers, we asked our social media friends whether they--if they themselves are Millennials--or the Millennials in their lives read e-books. It has been my experience that ...

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Utah Boy, 12, Who Liked Reading Junk Mail Flooded With Books After Mailman's ...
Mathew approached Ron while he was delivering mail and asked if he had anything he could read -- even junk mail. Lynch posted a photo of Matthew on Facebook and the strangers began sending in books, enough to fill Matthew's bookshelf. (Credit: KSL ...
Mailman's plea sends books to boy who read junk mailUSA TODAY
Reading material request goes viral; boy is flooded with hundreds of booksCNN
Utah boy gets thousands of books after mailman posts Facebook
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Daniel Bryan's Yes! Is The Worked Shoot Of Wrestling Books
“Instead, what most of WWE had become was actually a parody of wrestling.” At that moment in the book, Bryan was gearing up for what was then the biggest match of his life, taking on John Cena for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. And the “parody ...

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Mystery series brings murder to 1980s Syracuse: CNY books and authors
Two mystery series pit murders in Central New York settings, while two other authors draw on familiar topics — miniature donkeys and Broadway — for their own books. Brian Abbott, of Syracuse, brings a murder to Syracuse in "Death on Stoneridge.

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6 books every modern gentleman should read in 2015
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Being a modern gentleman is about more than just knowing what to wear or what to put in your bathroom. It's also about knowing what to read. We asked our friends at Goodreads to put together a list of essential books every man should read in six ...

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