Why They Launched Harry Potter At 12:01 Midnight

A missionary and his family were forced to camp outside on a hill. They had money with them and were fearful of an attack by roving thieves.

After praying, they went to sleep. Months later an injured man was brought into the mission hospital. He asked the missionary if he had soldiers guarding him on that special night.

"We intended to rob you," he said, "but we were afraid of the twenty-seven soldiers."

When the missionary returned to his homeland, he related this strange story, and a member of his church said, "we had a prayer meeting that night, and I took the roll. There were just twenty-seven of us present."

Why was their prayer so effective?

Because they prayed it at the midnight hour.

(By the way, that story is from Billy Graham's Hope for the Troubled Heart.)

Recently, something else was also programmed into the midnight hour. It was so huge, so far-reaching, with the potential to affect the lives of untold millions around the world.

I am talking about the global launch of the new book in the Harry Potter series on July 16th.

The Midnight Launch

Unless you've been vacationing in some cave (away from tv and other news media) these past few weeks, you most certainly have been bombarded by the latest wave of "Pottermania," which was launched just after midnight (12:01a.m.to be exact) in all the continents.

Kids all over the world had to camp out at midnight, in their favorite bookstores just to grab their copy of "Harry Potter and the half blood prince," the latest book in the wildly popular Harry Potter series.

The books were reportedly flying off the shelves at the rate of 50,000 copies an hour! Incredible.

But why was it launched at midnight?

Spiritual people understand that midnight is a crucial spiritual entity on its own. The most powerful, history-making events that you hear about (both good and bad) can be traced to the midnight hour.

A few examples from the Bible:

* When God wanted to execute judgment on Egypt, He chose the midnight hour (Exodus 11).

* Samson waited till the midnight hour to storm the gates of his enemies (Judges 16).

* It was at midnight that Paul and Silas were rescued from prison (Acts 16).

So was it any surprise that:

* Those at the forefront of the global revival of witchcraft waited until midnight of July 16 to launch their lethal weapon?

Many bad things that we hear about daily have their origin at midnight. In Job 34:20 we read:

"In a moment shall they die, and the people shall be troubled at midnight, and pass away: and the mighty shall be taken without hand."

So why did they launch Harry Potter at midnight?

If you are a Christian you may or may not be aware of the explosive revival of witchcraft internationally, pioneered by a spirit known to our modern world as Harry Potter. His real name in the Bible is Beelzebub, lord of the flies.

He has brilliantly repackaged himself and is being marketed to unsuspecting kids the world over as the fun, harmless, even lovable Harry Potter!

In this modern incarnation, he has some interesting things on his agenda for kids. It's been called the 7-point plan.

Harry's 7-point Agenda

* Entice and initiate as many kids as possible into "fun" witchcraft through the Harry Potter books and movies... and gradually but quietly graduate them into deep occultism and hard core black magic as they grow older.

* Push them to commit suicide (Note: many kids are reported to have gone into deep depression already as a result of the death in this new book - just the prelude to suicide).

* Use more kids as instruments to commit mass murder in schools and other public places.

* Use innocent looking kids to lure and recruit their unsuspecting friends into witchcraft (In the city where I live 610 kids gathered just 2 days after the launch to practice how to cast spells and mix portions)

* Position at least one witchcraft-practising kid in each family, then later equip her to wreck the home and turn that family into a desert.

* Use the kids to promote an epidemic of rebellion (with a little help from drugs and hip hop music), plus an unprecedented level of pornography, sexual perversion and abortion.

* Use the kids as the foot soldiers in the renewed war against the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generations.

The Good News

You see, this intelligent witchcraft spirit (or Harry Potter, if you prefer) is waging this serious war against kids knowing fully well that they are tomorrow's leaders... and GOD has a special plan for them.

We know from Psalm 8:2 that GOD wants to use the children to disgrace His enemies.

And HE has graciously give us a very effective weapon to help keep our kids out of the clutches of Harry Potter (a.k.a. Beelzebub).

That weapon is...

To pray over our kids while they are sleeping. We, as parents, must minister to them gently and in love.

Infants and young children (including the ones in the womb) need to be prayed for against bad influence from friends, and unconscious witchcraft initiation through Pottermania.

They need to be constantly placed under the protection of the blood of Jesus.

You should get into the habit of reading the entire Psalm 91 over your children... daily.

Here's a small sample of the kind of prayer you should be praying:

"As the LORD lives, my kids (mention them by name) shall not come under the bewitchment of Harry Potter and his agents in Jesus' name.

I bind all enchantments and divinations programmed to waste my kids in Jesus' name.

The God that answers by fire let him be God. O LORD, answer by fire and disgrace every evil messenger assigned against my kids in the name of Jesus."

If you program this kind of prayer into the midnight hour, it will:

* counter and destroy any evil altar raised up by Harry Potter against your kids.

* recall and break all incantations uttered that night to destroy the destiny of your kids.

(Please note: God takes this type of activity seriously, because HE knows the destructive effects of divinations, etc... you can read about the classic case of Balaam in Num. 22).

* (this is an exciting one!) stamp the mark of "touch not my anointed" on the forehead of all your children. This will effectively put them out of reach of modern witchcraft influences.

And there's more...

I'm reserving it for next time...

Be blessed!

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